Can I get loans even if I am studying abroad


Can I get loans even if I am studying abroad

Hello! Yes, you can get a loan for your study abroad plans. There are many lenders in the market that you can select from that cover education in India as well as in a foreign country.

Now, the question arises of which lender you should choose and how you should go about it. Let me help you out by giving a general outlay of the procedure that one goes through for a study abroad loan :

1. Select the right lender

With so many lenders in the market today, it is important to have some parameters to select the right one. Here are a few you can ensure:

- Easy eligibility criteria

- Flexible repayment options

- 100% financing

- Coverage for expenses such as rent, insurance premium, travel fare, study materials, and so on

- A student-friendly approach by the lender

2. Reach out to the lender

Now, you have to reach out to the lender via an offline branch or the online way by contacting them through the website.

3. Apply for the loan

After you have reached out to the lender, you need to apply for the loan. Do not worry about the loan application process or having to fill the form. Most lenders have a simple and straightforward procedure. The form too will be a simple one. You will also have to attach the required documents while submitting the form.

4. Accept the loan offer

After you have submitted the loan offer and the documents have been verified by the lender, they will structure your loan accordingly. The loan will be based on the discussions between you and the lender and their understanding of your requirements.

Do read the terms and conditions of the loan before you accept the loan offer.



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